Temperature Indicators

Whether used as part of a manufacturing process, welding or metal fabrication, or in quality control to help prevent damage caused by high temperatures, accurate temperature indication is a vital part of almost all industrial environments. For over 80 years, Tempil has been a leading and trusted name in fast, reliable, and accurate temperature indication, for almost any job.

Specialty Coatings

Whether looking to block or absorb the heat, or protect your materials prior to welding, Tempil has a series of coatings designed for industrial users. These chemicals are specifically engineered for unique applications and will help to complete jobs better, faster, and easier than ever.


Tempilink® is a leading brand of innovative and accurate indication ink technology.  As the global leader in the formulation and manufacture of indicating inks designed for process confirmation, we provide a variety of solutions in the form of heat and chemical-sensitive inks for applications in medical sterilization, tamper evident and other markets.