Temperature Indicators

Temperature Indicating Sticks

Temperature indicating sticks have been one of the most-used and trusted ways to obtain fast, accurate, and economical temperature readings in some of the world’s toughest environments. Each unique stick has been formulated to melt at a specific temperature for easy visual identification and is accurate to +/- 1% of the rated temperature for guaranteed accuracy with no calibration required.

Temperature Indicating Liquids

When temperature monitoring is required but direct monitoring is not possible, both Tempilaq® and Temp-Alarm® can be quickly painted onto almost any surface and allows for immediate identification. Whether for preventative maintenance, heat-treating, or quality control applications, these liquids are a simple and effective temperature monitoring tool.

Temperature Indicating Electronics

Ideal for use by maintenance departments, supervisors, technicians, or anyone that needs repeated, regular temperature measurement, electronics are a versatile and highly-accurate method. These tools can provide instant readings on almost any surface, won’t leave any temporary or permanent marks, and are easily transportable.

Temperature Indicating Labels

Temperature indicating labels are an economical temperature indication solution that can be easily applied to almost any surface for later monitoring, making it ideal for preventative maintenance, logistics, quality control, manufacturing, and many other applications.